23 September 2021

Protecting your staff and customers: the emergency exit

Your company or business welcomes your employees, visitors and customers, it is your responsibility to ensure their safety, especially in case of disaster. Several situations can […]
14 September 2021

The essential HACCP method

The HACCP method (for “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”) is a method developed to guide good practices in food safety. It is an essential guide for […]
28 July 2021

A new risk in enterprise : COVID-19

The world is suffering from a new virus that emerged in late 2019 in China. Vaccines have been developed but the fight against the spread of […]
9 December 2020

What your company is meant to do with PPE

Personal Protective Equipment are usually used by healthcare and their use and performance standards for protection are regulated in the US by the FDA. The WHO also provides guidance for PPE in many situations at an international level.
8 December 2020

A fire extinguisher inspection a day keeps the fireman away!

The majority of fires are extinguished in the early stages without the need to call the firefighters. Portable fire extinguishers are used in a vast majority of such situations. But they need to be available, ready to go and used properly in order to ensure fire protection.
13 November 2020

Safety audit – keypoints to do it

Elaborating a risk prevention plan and performing safety audits based on smart and genuine checklists brings to your company a multi-stake benefit. It ranges from improved performance, well-being at work, better anticipation in mitigating safety risks, to harmonizing overall company’s policies and strongly contributing to a culture of enhanced collaboration.
5 November 2020

How to prepare your risk analysis for safety at work

When it comes to job safety there is two way to consider your risk analysis before even trying to implement it. First, you can start your analysis from a technical and moral point of view to make sure you take the rights steps to prevent and limit occupational diseases and accident and ensure your people are well cared of. The second way is to make sure, not only all measures have been taken but also use people enrollment and awareness on safety subjects to enhance the global company performance.
20 October 2020

More safety at work for more performance!

Safety at work: a performance asset for companies. Absenteeism, occupational diseases or accidents… When speaking about performance, safety at work and occupational health is a real concern for companies whatever their size. Who is in charge of these questions and what are the best practices? We will try to let you see clearer.


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