20 November 2020
Photo of a mobile application to carry out an audit of a point of sale in the form of a checklist.

What is a store audit?

Retailers, drugstores, find out why a store audit is a great asset for your own business and your customers. Beyond the challenges of controlling what happens in your outlet, a store audit will undoubtedly improve your customer experience: branding, best practices, up-leveling, targeted actions…
13 November 2020

Safety audit – keypoints to do it

Elaborating a risk prevention plan and performing safety audits based on smart and genuine checklists brings to your company a multi-stake benefit. It ranges from improved performance, well-being at work, better anticipation in mitigating safety risks, to harmonizing overall company’s policies and strongly contributing to a culture of enhanced collaboration.
5 November 2020

How to prepare your risk analysis for safety at work

When it comes to job safety there is two way to consider your risk analysis before even trying to implement it. First, you can start your analysis from a technical and moral point of view to make sure you take the rights steps to prevent and limit occupational diseases and accident and ensure your people are well cared of. The second way is to make sure, not only all measures have been taken but also use people enrollment and awareness on safety subjects to enhance the global company performance.
20 October 2020

More safety at work for more performance!

Safety at work: a performance asset for companies. Absenteeism, occupational diseases or accidents… When speaking about performance, safety at work and occupational health is a real concern for companies whatever their size. Who is in charge of these questions and what are the best practices? We will try to let you see clearer.
1 October 2020
Example of effective visual merchandising to boost sales in an IKEA retail store

Visual merchandising: the cornerstone of your store

How visual merchandising impact your sales If we had to describe what visual Merchandising is, we could summarize as : the art of promoting and display products within a sales space. It is all about the subtle art of mixing aesthetics and efficiency, two critical parts in the retail industry.
22 September 2020

Merchandising definition

You need a good definition of merchandising? Cockpit brings you all you need to know about this key factor in retail execution. Merchandising gathers all the techniques to better display your product and optimize your store layout in order to maximize the purchase rate in your points of sale. Merchandising processes and store implementation may vary according the kind of POS you manage (food, do-it-yourself, fashion, etc.) In an nutshell, a short definition of merchandising is simply all sales and marketing techniques aiming at promoting your product: product display, in-store advertising, signage, and communication, windows dressing, space allocation in shelves and of course customer flow in the shop in order to sell more.
17 September 2020
Representation of the visual merchandising with a plannogram

What is a planogram?

Visual merchandising, from its conception to its execution is the way your stores are organized in terms of visual impressions through different design like store and mass plans but above all, plans describing all specific product displays and arrangements. In this process, a planogram is nothing else than a visual merchandising tool that provides you with a graphic representation...
9 September 2020
Photo of an Apple point of sale with impeccable visual merchandising

Apple: excellence in visual merchandising

In less than 20 years, Apple has become a giant in physical distribution with over 500 retail stores opened throughout the world. What are the keys to understand how a product-oriented company, with no direct physical distribution until 2001 manage to open huge and expensive stores in the very best locations that are generating the highest $ per square foot among retailers? (more than $5.500 per square foot according to Costar in 2018). It is all about execution!
26 August 2020
Photography of a retail store with a great visual merchandising

How to improve your visual merchandising in your retail stores?

Building a visual merchandising strategy is one thing but making sure it is well implemented in your whole store network is another. How can one be sure that its visual merchandising strategy produces its return on investment when they don’t even know if it is correctly executed in all their stores?