9 September 2020
Photo of an Apple point of sale with impeccable visual merchandising

Apple: excellence in visual merchandising

In less than 20 years, Apple has become a giant in physical distribution with over 500 retail stores opened throughout the world. What are the keys to understand how a product-oriented company, with no direct physical distribution until 2001 manage to open huge and expensive stores in the very best locations that are generating the highest $ per square foot among retailers? (more than $5.500 per square foot according to Costar in 2018). It is all about execution!
26 August 2020
Photography of a retail store with a great visual merchandising

How to improve your visual merchandising in your retail stores?

Building a visual merchandising strategy is one thing but making sure it is well implemented in your whole store network is another. How can one be sure that its visual merchandising strategy produces its return on investment when they don’t even know if it is correctly executed in all their stores?