Use our digital checklist to make your stores safer!

Because every detail counts.
Beyond regulatory standards, safety in your retail stores is a necessary element for both your employees and your customers. By using digital checklists to verify all the important points, you'll ensure that your outlets are running smoothly and in compliance. You will also be able to reduce the risk of theft and accidents and ensure an adequate response in case of an alert. In addition, all your reports are archived so that you can follow the progress plans and possible corrective actions. In addition to testifying that all safety aspects have been taken into account, you can also use it as a database in the event of an inspections by external regulatory bodies.

the CCTV equipment works and is maintained in good condition

the team knows how to use the CCTV

the label informing CCTV presence is installed and readable from the outside

the fire safety registry is up to date

fire extinguishers are visible and accessible

fire extinguishers are checked, sealed and indicated

the fire safety training has been followed by at least 2 persons

No combustible material near a potential heat source

Safety instructions and evacuation plan are posted

Whan anti-theft alert is ringing, customers are taken care of

Le bureau est fermé à clé

The security registry is kept up to date

The safe is closed and locked

The safe key is stored in a secured place and not in plain sight

Aisles and emergency exits are clear and lit

The office is locked

The metal curtain is in good working order

The book of visits of external workers is kept up to date

Electronic devices are stored in a secured area

Sharp objects such as scissors, cutters, etc. are stored away and out of sight

The team knows the contact details of the security providers

The team knows the different alerts (bomb, attack, demonstrations...)


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