Retail shrinkage checklist

Use Cockpit checklist to reduce the shrinkage in your point of sales network!

A simple process to optimize your store revenue Shrinkage - stolen, missing or broken products - directly impacts your sales revenue! There are many causes for this difference between theoretical and actual inventory: -Breakage and destroyed products -downgraded or discarded products -Internal or external theft (represents more than 3/4 of the shrinkage) -cash register errors or payment problems (stolen checks, unpaid checks, etc.) The result is a loss of revenue for your network of points of sale that will impact your profitability threshold! By using a clear and systematic checklist, it is possible to reduce this shrinkage and impact the store's revenue with little effort

the team knows the last shrinkage results (value and %)

no single customer on the sales floor

visual greeting of each customer entering the store

the team is vigilant about monitoring during their tasks

customers are quickly taken care of when they enter the store

lunch breaks are on schedule

No price tags stuck on products (except for on-sales products)

no torn cellophane to place the locks

no drawers under the shelves left open without supervision

the warehouse is tidy, clean and locked.

personal belongings are controled (internal and external staff)

products are properly secured

One anti-theft device per product

the anti-theft gates work

All lockers are locked and the key is removed from the lock


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